Does your marketing plan include the use of Facebook advertising?  If not, you could be missing out on the acquisition of new customers and more importantly, revenue.  This platform has billions of registered users, checking in, multiple times daily.  By advertising on Facebook, you have the ability to get your message in front of an incredible amount of people.   Aside from the numbers, if you aren’t using Facebook advertising, here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should be leveraging its benefits:

 1. Hit Your Mark

Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising, giving you the ability to identify your audience by age, interests, behaviours and location.

2. It’s Fast and Economical

The results of Facebook advertising are immediate.  Once you begin advertising on Facebook you start sending your message out to thousands of people.  This means driving more traffic to your site and converting visitors to customers through one of the most economical mediums. For example, with a $5 spend on Facebook you can reach 1,000. To yield that same reach through traditional media (radio ads, tv commercials, billboards etc.) you would be spending far more. Through Facebook you can also run a website campaign click campaign which once again can be targeted, making it a precise and cost-effective method to boost website traffic.

3. Metrics

The ROI on a marketing spend is critical and having data to support a spend is extremely important.  Facebook provides those metrics, there is no guess work involved. You can see how many impressions, clicks and conversions are being received. Facebook provides assistance through advertising specialists who will provide all the necessary tracking tools.

4. Brand Awareness

Advertising on Facebook significantly builds brand awareness.  The more people see your brand, the more familiar they will become with it, making them more likely to buy.  Increasing brand awareness leads to an increase in customer attribution (the number of times the audience sees your brand) and conversion.  The more interaction is made, the more likely people will buy.

5. Increased Exposure

Advertising on Facebook can help with your company’s expansion into new markets.  Facebook ads can increase the exposure of a new product or service on the market while also allowing you to test that market at a comfortable pace.

6. Visitor Engagement and Remarketing

Many Facebook users will often visit a company website or location after seeing a Facebook ad.  Alternatively, people who visit your website could then turn around and see your ad on Facebook through an advertising tactic called remarketing.  The way this strategy works is that if you’ve had a visitor your site who did not make a purchase or contact you, you can re-engage with them shortly thereafter, through a Facebook ad.

Facebook advertising further builds that engagement through the use of likes, comments and interactions.  This creates a stronger connection to your target audience making them more likely to convert.

7. Grow Your Email List

Facebook advertising can help to build a customer or client base.  Through the use of the “lead ad” forms businesses are able to capture email contacts through Facebook ads, or traffic can also be directed to an external subscription form on your website.

8. Increased SEO Rankings

Websites that rank highly on search engines do so because of social signals (the activity on social media content).  Social signals include shares, likes and comments which can all be increased by implementing a Facebook advertising campaign.  An increase in social signals then indirectly influences SEO rankings.

9. Stand out From Your Competition or Keep Up with Them

Unlike Google AdWords, the cost of Facebook advertising is not being driven up by your competitors.  Facebook ads are targeted to your audience, and as long as they remain relevant, they will perform regardless of your competitors which could in turn give you an edge over them if they are using AdWords.  On the flip side, if your competitors are utilizing Facebook advertising and you are not, you have given them the advantage as they will be advertising to your audience online.

10. It’s Mobile

Over 84% of Facebook users access their account on a mobile device which means that is you are advertising on Facebook, you’re able to advertise to your audience daily through those devices.