$2,800,000 additional revenue within four months


Using Social Media to sell Homes

Social Media Marketing contributed to strong sales upon
the opening of their Baldwin Woods Project
Confirmed Grand Opening Registrants


Followers Converted to Registrants


Recurring Home Sales

2 homes/mo

Our challenge was to build a social media following for Upperview Homes that would eventually convert into a list of potential homebuyers. Our client was interested in exploring how well Social Media Marketing could preform in comparison to traditional methods of marketing for its Whitby project, Baldwin Woods.
The campaign proved to be a success and our client is now a firm believer in the power of social media marketing. Social media delivered a far better ROI on the ad budget compared to traditional methods of advertising. 95% of the people who signed up to attend the Baldwin Woods Grand Opening originated from Upperview’s Social Media Network. There were 300 Registrations and 285 of them came from Social Media. In addition, 33% of the followers within Upperview’s Social Community signed up to attend the Grand Opening Event, which is a strong reflection of good engagement and demographic targeting.


Once the dust settled and the feverish pitch of Upperview’s Grand Opening passed, the campaign achieved recurring sales average of three homes per month, which exceeds the established industry norms of two homes per month.


Upperview’s ad spend for social media marketing was far less than what would have been spent on advertising in traditional media and yet, the social media campaign produced more sales overall.
The strategy behind this campaign was to send targeted Facebook traffic to a landing page with relevant ad copy. In addition, we integrated into Upperview’s Sales Process so that we could ensure that the leads coming through were quality homebuyers.
Advanced Demographic Targeting
One of the key advantages of marketing your business online, especially with social media, is that you can target various audiences and demographics. Branding & Communications play a major role in knowing which audiences to target so our strategy included some branding as well as demographic market research.
Integrating into the Sales Process
When we are running a campaign we make it a point to assist sales departments. It’s important to connect with sales teams so as to understand if a campaign’s lead quality is present. These efforts also helped with the overall success of Upperview’s Campaign.
Strategic Ad Copy
Ad copy is key when it comes to running a successful campaign. If a landing page does not speak to the targeted audience then the campaign will suffer immensely. Our web development team ensured that the landing pages developed were strategically designed.
Understanding the Data
Analytics and knowing what to look for is key to measuring the success of a campaign. Our team knows not only how to get the right data, but also how to interpret that data in order to achieve a good ROI.
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