A Celebrity Campaign Outperform’s Expectations!


Dramatic Results Achieved Within Two Weeks

Social Media helps SnapClip become a national leader in suspended ceiling systems
Sales target exceeded by


Social Media Engagement:
10X higher than typical average


Real buyers acquired at mere pennies!

CPC: $0.01 – $0.19

Social Know How was retained by Snap Clip Systems to design and execute a Social Media Campaign that would achieve several objectives, including:
1. Grow Snap Clip’s current audience and further increase engagement;
2. Leverage the celebrity Status of the company’s Brand Ambassadors, Damon Bennett and Kate Campbell (HGTV’s Renovation Superstars); and,
3. Use a direct response strategy to maximize the performance in sales of a COSTCO Canada Promotion.
The objectives we set out to achieve were not only achieved but largely exceeded. A strategic mix of social media marketing, direct response and leveraging the celebrity statuses of Damon Bennett and Kate Campbell, as well as the COSTCO brand, proved to be a great success.
Over the course of 2 weeks, the campaign helped Snap Clip to become highly recognized across the country, making the company a national leader and preferred choice for suspended ceiling systems. This outcome was fuelled by the increased engagement that occurred between key target market groups, including men and women between the ages of 35-54 (the primary group of individuals who would be most interested in a suspended ceiling system). Engagement within these target groups soared and the campaign realized a 24% response rate overall, which is at least ten times higher than what is to be expected average. In addition, it cost an average of $0.01 to acquire an engaged user and bring them into the Snap Clip ecosystem. In essence, our client only had to spend pennies – not dollars – to acquire each new individual within their audience. This alone makes social media marketing extremely attractive. However, our campaign did achieve additional results that not only paid for the campaign but returned substantial profits as well.
A significant portion of engaged individuals within the target audience groups mentioned above ended up responding favorably to the direct response COSTCO promotion that we had running as well. Approximately 4.24% of these individuals click-through to costco.ca and it only cost our client $0.19 on average to acquire each of these leads. Again, extremely hot leads at pennies on the dollar. And were these leads ever hot! In a nutshell, Snap Clip had estimated to receive at least 2,500 sales via the direct response promotion. COSTCO’s estimate was slightly higher: they anticipated that 3,000 units would be sold. Once the direct response campaign was complete, it was determined that our campaign, in fact, resulted in the sale of 5,500 units. The additional units sold above the anticipated amount of sales accounts for a sales target that was exceeded by 120%, a staggering figure for any marketing medium, let alone social media.
As a business owner, if you have been questioning whether Social Media Marketing works, perhaps this success story will compel you to reconsider. The power that businesses have access to within today’s marketing schematic is unprecedented. Social Media offers an entirely new medium to reach audiences, engaged with them and then monetize said audiences at the sorts of ROI that are beyond exciting. The key to succeeding in this space is to utilize a strategy. That’s where Social Know How can help.
Our Snap Clip campaign utilized various social media marketing strategies, including engagement tactics, branding efforts, celebrity leverage and direct response tools. Every business is different and therefore, every social media marketing campaign will differ as well. A team of skilled experts is what your business needs to gain the most out of social media marketing.
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