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Do you have a regular group meeting or or an event that can benefit from a talk about Social Media Marketing? We would love to speak at your next event! Elio Gatto is a Social Media Marketing Expert. He has grown Social Know How, Inc. into prominent social marketing company within Toronto and the GTA. He and his team are always keeping up with the latest trends in social media marketing. If you want him and team to share his most current insights, book him today!

Social Media Training

We offer one-on-one and group training sessions

Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Companies

Whether you employ a team of marketers or have an individual managing your social media for you, we can help your staff brush up on their skills. Internet Marketing is constantly shifting and so are the methods and skills that are needed to succeed in this area. Whenever your team needs an upgrade, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to provide all the direction needed.


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One-on-One Sessions
One-on-One Sessions are ideal for people that prefer a focused environment in which they can learn at their own pace. They are also the best option if multiple sessions are needed. Sessions function much like coaching. The subject matter that is most applicable will be focus and participants will have the opportunity to have all their questions answered. The goal is for participants to emerge with skills that can put to use right away.
Group Sessions
Group Sessions are ideal for companies that have small teams (less than 5-6 people). Similar to the one-on-one programs, Group Sessions will also focus on the areas of learning that’s most needed so that participants can emerge with skills that they can begin using right away. The goal is to teach skills based on how the group will use them as a team in the workplace environment. Sessions can be hosted at our location or at your office, whichever works best, and they normally take place in one afternoon.
Topics Covered
Training sessions can include any of the following topics, depending on what your needs are:

Learn how to setup and optimize your Facebook Business Page and use Facebook to market your business. You will also learn how to use this platform to run ads.

Learn how to setup and optimize your Instagram Business Profile and use Instagram to market your business. You will also learn how to use this platform to run ads.

Learn how to setup and optimize your LinkedIn Profile to maximize networking and sales opportunities.

Social media is a robust sales platform. Learn how to source out quality leads and engage with your prospects in order to maximize sales.

Learn how to use WordPress to maximize your company’s presence online.

Learn how to use content to drive your social media marketing strategy. From writing effective copy to curating the right kind of content that will work for your strategy to implementing best practices in design, gain all the knowledge you need to round out a social media marketing strategy.

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