Project Description

Doug Ford Mayoral Campaign:
Starting From Scratch & Making an Impact in 6 Weeks

About the Campaign

Our challenge was to bring Doug Ford’s Mayoral Campaign into the world of social media while facing candidates who had a large head start in the campaign process. In 6 weeks, we had the “Doug Ford for Mayor” campaign built from scratch with ZERO social presence and very few supporters making social media the foundation of a tightly run campaign that achieved the goal of mass exposure in a relatively short period of time, falling just 6% short of a victory.

Success by the Numbers…

Facebook Likes: 144% Increase

Improved Engagement

275,000 Mentions on Social Media

Massive Exposure

10,000+ followers in 6 weeks

Impressive ROI


From ZERO to over 10,000+ Followers in 6 weeks

The impact of social media was immense in this race. Starting from scratch with ZERO social presence and very few supporters. Thousands of followers behind and an audience yet to be reached, the infrastructure we built needed to be utilized. Part of that meant building from Doug Ford’s current method of communication (offline and in community) and bringing those people to his social platforms.

The Social Know How Strategy

A Consistent Brand Image

While the messaging had begun online, utilizing some paid ads to target his constituents and those who would respond positively to the “Doug Ford for Mayor” Campaign on Facebook, we had to bring many of those followers offline to his social platforms. This was done through a rigorous mailing campaign with a “call to action” bringing people to Facebook & Twitter.

The Social Know How team concentrated targeting and consistent branding and messaging which brought Doug 2nd place in the mayoral race. When we started he was last and, had we had another 3-4 weeks, it’s not inconceivable that the community we were cultivating could have grown so rapidly.

Social Media Setup – Facebook & Twitter

  •  A strategy needed to be built, predicated on raising awareness for the campaign.
  • We needed to present Doug Ford as a viable candidate that was reputable, knowledgeable, and a man of the people.
  • His social media branding needed to reflect not only his own personality – it needed to effectively help him get a year’s worth of ideas out to help him catch his main rivals (John Tory & Olivia Chow).
  • Doug Ford was predicated to be in last place in the race to be mayor of Toronto.


Social Media Branding – Giving the Campaign a distinct look

  • Just like a great company needs a distinguishable logo, we had to make a recognizable head shot that could be used on all platforms. The photo seen above was chosen and the Doug Ford for Mayor Campaign had its unmistakable identity.
  • Creating a New Social Media Background Cover Photo (Banner with call to action for Social Media) was necessary.
  • Had to build verified, social media profiles to combat the many fake accounts that can spring up.
  • Accounts needed a look that was consistent that supporters and information seekers could count on