Social media has become a leading tool in business marketing. While most businesses may be equipped with social media channels, they may not necessarily be utilizing them to their maximum marketing potential. Managing social media is highly involved task. Rather than trying to fill this role from within, more and more companies are outsourcing this task because it is more cost-effective and efficient to do so. Social media managers bring with them the expertise of an entire team to work on social media networks, stay on top of trends and run effective social media marketing sponsored ads.
Companies or brands seeking to utilize the services of a social media manager should be looking for ones with sales know-how, knowledge of marketing development and strategy, and an understanding of the mindset of today’s hyper-connected, social media savvy consumers.

Here are some of the things to look for when hiring a social media manager:

1. Organizational Skills. A good social media manager is one with strong organizational skills, who can prioritize tasks through the use of scheduling tools. An organized social media manager wills layout an editorial calendar in order to be able to structure and schedule posts as part of a social media marketing campaign.

2. Listening Skills. A skilled social media manager is one that is all about listening. It is important that they listen to the client(s) in order to find ways to best represent their brand(s); but also paying close attention to what is happening in the moment to be able to leverage things like relevant news stories to their clients’ advantage.

3. Research Skills. The world of social media is constantly evolving which means a good social media manager is always conducting their research to stay at the top of their game which in turn keeps their clients on trend as well.

4. Monitoring Skills. The ability to monitor engagement and leads in order to measure metrics. Companies want to know how their social media marketing campaigns are performing. A good social media manager will be able to report on performance by tracking leads or bookings, and by tracking clicks, likes, mentions and replies to track engagement metrics.

5. Self-Promotional Skills. One of the best ways to determine the right social media manager for the job is to review their own social media accounts. Someone looking to take on your social media should have an impressive online presence of their own. This demonstrates their familiarity with social media platforms and their ability to use them to their fullest potential. As well their level of engagement will further demonstrate how adept they are in creating an engaged client base.

A social media manager can be a huge asset to your company or brand so be sure to look for the one who will best meet your social media marketing needs and can help build your online reputation.

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