Caption This:  Tips for Instagram Engagement

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words however the power of the written word cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to crafting the perfect caption for Instagram. While the picture may capture attention, it is the written component that will promote engagement.

With the new algorithms on Instagram, the photos and videos with the most likes and comments will be those that appear first in the feed. The best way to raise interest among readers is through a great caption.

Here are 5 Tips to Creating the Best Instagram Captions:

Ask and you Shall Receive

Encourage engagement by asking questions.  The questions can be open ended, skill testing, matter of fact (yes or no) or even rhetorical.  You might even consider making an inquiry for tips or recommendations from your audience.  Generally, by asking a question you will generate comments on a post.

Spread some Love

If your post includes another user spread some love and give them an online shout-out by tagging them in your caption.  Including the user handle for a person, place, company or brand will compel them and perhaps even their followers to engage.

Let Your Emojis do the Talking

That array of emoticons available on your keyboard are a great way to keep content lighthearted and fun.  Don’t be afraid to make use of emojis in place of text, they will inject personality into your post as well as keep the caption short.

Compel the Comment

Set out a clear call to action compelling the audience to engage.  Ask them to comment on something specific or tag a friend in the post, or ask them to provide an opinion.  This invitation to engage will typically compel someone to comment.

Simplicity is key

The KISS principle can easily be applied to caption writing on Instagram.  Keep the message simple and concise. Less is more so avoid using unnecessary words.  Place emphasis on words that will support your content and convey your message.

Instagram is a great business tool and a well-crafted caption can go a long way towards marketing your brand.  A great caption will have personality and entertain as well as engage and above all it should convey your message.

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