I love getting great feedback from clients regarding their social media marketing experience with Social Know How. Too often, I get caught up in the actual performance of our team – what we deliver and how we deliver it – that I sometimes forget that helping clients professionally can also have an immense impact on their brand and personal wellbeing.  

I began working with Lesya Dyk from LDOT Services about a year ago.  Lesya is an extremely passionate individual who truly enjoys her work and is devoted to helping people regain their lives through Occupational Therapy.  Lesya recently took the time to write about her experience with myself and Social Know How and I just felt I had to share.  While our blog is a great source of information for people looking for how social media can help their brand, I felt compelled to share what Lesya wrote to me.

In Lesya’s words, “When my professional life was rocked due to a failed merger in December 2014, I was faced with the task of resurrecting my company. Under the terms of the merger, I was allowed to keep the corporation going and wind things down – which was a great stroke of luck during a time of great duress. While I had the structures in place to quickly re-establish my company, I was faced with the bigger challenge of re-establishing my company in the market place.

I began working with Elio Gatto of Social Know How to establish a social media presence. I thought that without it, I would behind the curve in terms of marketing. However, what Elio showed me was that it was my brand and my brand recognition that I needed to highlight; and not just marketing my services.

Elio listened to my story, was supportive, but was able to delineate the drama that had unfolded in the business from the strong brand I had developed over the past 15 years. He was able to re-write some of my announcements to highlight the good that had come out of my situation. Indeed, most of my staff followed me. We quickly re-established ourselves, and a year later, we are entering many different markets.

Brand and brand recognition was and is one of my most valuable assets, and my most important tool in getting back into the marketplace. What you are known for is more important than what you do. Using social media to strategically develop your brand will be the best marketing money you will ever spend.”

While I was very touched by how Lesya took the time to put into words how she felt about our services, the ending is what really struck me. Your brand is entirely the most important part of your business’ success. How you are perceived by the public is paramount to creating an environment that people can trust and return to when your services are needed.

Social media can be your company’s way of keeping your brand message consistent. Who better than you to dictate what people see and hear about your business?  While I know we can help you do that, it’s important you take advantage of the many platforms out there to get your message to your target audience. Develop your services, develop your brand, then learn how you can develop lasting relationships that will ensure you are a trusted leader in your industry for a very long time.